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Future Of Recycling In Sugar Land

Future Of Recycling In Sugar Land

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Author Photo by: SugarLandDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 2 mos, 3 days ago   Oct 03 2019, 2:21pm 
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The recycling market is changing. Historically, recycling programs around the country would use the sale of recycled materials to offset collection and processing costs. This allowed for the establishment of low-cost recycling programs.
Over the last two years, the recycling market has seen a significant decline in the value of recycled goods due to several factors. These include:
- new international regulations
- stricter contamination rate standards
- poor recycling practices
In response, Sugar Land is increasing educational efforts in order to help the public better understand current market issues and the effect that the new regulations have on processing recycled material.
For additional information, or to provide feedback, please call 3-1-1 or 281-275-2900, or send an email to solidwaste@sugarlandtx.gov
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Author Photo rabbithut Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 mos, 3 days ago   Oct 03 2019, 2:55pm 
So, what are the changes going to be? I went to the link but found no info
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Author Photo gary4646 Active Indicator LED Icon New Member
~ 2 mos, 1 day ago   Oct 05 2019, 12:29am 
The information posted is simply not true. I spent 36 years in the Plastics Recycle Industry. I owned the largest Engineering Thermoplastics Recycling company in the United States. My Customers were the IT Industry leaders. When I sold my company we were recycling 32 million pounds a year. The truth is the solid waste vendors never did recycle. They shipped what they collected to China and other off shore targets. That is not recycling. That is what the plastics industry calls Landfill Avoidance. China, for several reasons, has seen fit to refuse further shipments from the United States. The waste companies who perpetuated the myth that they were recycling were caught flat footed. Now they have nowhere to send their trash. Ergo the new myth. A decline on a global scale for recycling. The answer the solid waste collectors will give you Rabbithut is that Landfill is the only option. It will be more expensive and your solid waste bill will dramatically increase.
There are other answers. It will take time and dedication to provide relief to the homeowners. Sugar Land was never practicing Recycling. Your vendors were practicing Landfill Avoidance. Please don't believe their story again.
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