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Murder Suspect Captured In Vegas

Murder Suspect Captured In Vegas

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Author Photo by: SugarLandDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 3 mos, 28 days ago   Dec 09 2019, 8:24am 
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Sugar Land detectives located Treveon James Young, 24, of Houston, who is wanted for the murder of a convenience store clerk in Sugar Land on Aug. 31.
Young was recently located at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, under an assumed name after detectives received a Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers tip. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department arrested Young on Nov. 25 and charged him with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and grand theft auto.
Young will be extradited to Fort Bend County for the murder of Hamid Lakhani, 63, of Sugar Land.
Sugar Land police responded to WB Food Mart, 13003 West Bellfort, on Aug. 31 at 8:30 p.m. after customers reported a man inside with a gunshot wound. Lakhani, who worked at the store as a clerk, was found lying on the ground with a single gunshot wound. He was treated and transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Detectives reviewed surveillance video and determined that Lakhani was shot by one of three men who entered the store to commit a robbery. The shooter was later identified as Young, and he was charged with murder.
License plate recognition cameras located near WB Food Mart helped detectives identify the vehicle used in the murder. The information from the cameras led to the arrests of Young; two 16-year-old males from the Houston area who committed the robbery with Young; and Kameryn Lamisha James, 17, of Houston, who drove the getaway car.
"The Sugar Land Police Department would like to thank the public and the media for the information that was provided, as well as the Las Vegas Metro Police Department Homicide Division for their assistance with this case," said Sgt. Matt Levan, of the Sugar Land Police Department Criminal Investigations Division.
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Author Photo zoomchum Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 28 days ago   Dec 09 2019, 10:59am 
@SugarLandDotCom : Glad he was caught in Las Vegas. This is a fantastic news for the relief of Hamid Lakhani's family.
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Author Photo SweetwaterBoss Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 27 days ago   Dec 10 2019, 11:27am 
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Author Photo BlackBird Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 27 days ago   Dec 10 2019, 12:45pm 
--Break up or you're banned.
But, the people who look like this have no intention of ever having a legal job, any way, so except for the first question it's moot. The robbery/murder this one commited is proof of that.
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Author Photo Jnainani Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 26 days ago   Dec 10 2019, 1:54pm 
Great job Sugar Land police department and Sugar Land detectives.
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Author Photo SweetwaterBoss Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 26 days ago   Dec 11 2019, 8:15am 
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