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Cold Weather Update: February 18, 2021

Cold Weather Update: February 18, 2021

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by: SugarLandDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 1 week, 2 days ago   Feb 18 2021, 10:33am 
Cold Weather Update: February 18, 2021
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In Sugar Land, the weather continues to warm, and no rain is expected; however, the National Weather Service expects a hard freeze watch tonight. Power has been restored for most of Sugar Land, and all four water systems are on regular power and fully functional. A boil notice remains in place for Greatwood and Greatwood Lakes until test results return showing safe results. All roads in Sugar Land are passable.
Sugar Land is taking the following actions:
• The city is closed for normal business today.
• City crews are responding to continued reports of water line breaks.
• Sugar Land’s emergency operations center remains open.
• Sugar Land Regional Airport is open.
• Public Works crews continue responding to broken water lines, leaks and requests for water shut offs.
• Solid waste/recycling delays.
• A list of open businesses/restaurants is being developed and will be shared online today.
• Parks remains closed while damage assessments continue.
• Damage assessment teams are driving residential and commercial areas throughout the city.
• A boil water notice for Greatwood and Greatwood Lakes remains in place. The Greatwood Water System is not connected to other water systems in Sugar Land.
• The City of Sugar Land is closed for normal business today. Essential city services such as police and fire will continue. For emergencies, call 911.
• Green waste, recycling and textile collection for all residents will be cancelled for the remainder of this week. Normal collection services will resume on Monday, Feb. 22.
Residents who were scheduled to receive bulk waste collection on the third Monday of the month will receive their bulk collection service on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Garbage collection normally scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 18 will now occur on Friday, Feb. 19. Garbage collection normally scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19 will now occur on Saturday, Feb. 20.
• Employees are on 24-hour work schedules.
• Dump trucks with ice chat spreaders are staged to treat frozen city roads and bridges.
• Staff continues to coordinate with the Texas Department of Transportation, the agency responsible for cold weather operations on state highways.
• Parks has closed pedestrian bridges and restrooms, sanded walkways, covered vulnerable plants, drained pipes, wrapped drinking fountains, etc.
• Sugar Land notified its debris-removal vendor to remain on standby.
What residents should do:
• Water customers should actively conserve water.
• CenterPoint continues to encourage conservation of power.
• STAY HOME AND AVOID TRAVEL during icy road conditions.
• As pipes thaw, leaks may occur. Should this happen, turn water off at the main, and call a plumber.
• Keep pipes wrapped. The city does not turn off water at the meter to prevent frozen pipes. Learn how to shut off water valves (in case a pipe bursts).
If a pipe bursts:
1. Locate and shut off water at the main valve
2. If the main valve cannot be located, call 311 or 281-275-2900 and the city's utility staff will come and turn off the water at the meter
3. Call a plumber
• Please remember to bring pets inside; wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing if you must go outside during freezing weather.
• Walk carefully on snowy, icy walkways.
• Remember to open flues when operating chimneys.
• Operate generators in a well ventilated, outside location away from your homes.
• Do not leave space heaters on when sleeping.
Visit the city’s severe cold weather page at www.sugarlandtx.gov/ 2092/Winter-Weather- --February-2021 for safety tips and resources such as preparing your home, protecting pipes and irrigation systems and what to do if pipes burst. Check traffic and road conditions on the city’s Intelligent Transportation System at its.sugarlandtx.gov/ traffic?fbclid=IwAR3 QDt037w3fAn5h-fxY8Fy r4KUi5GaSfxIRjp . Sign up for their Emergency Notification System at www.sugarlandtx.gov/ 718/UrgentEmergency- Notification-System to receive important updates including changes to core city services.
Authoritative Resources:
• NWS Houston/Galveston Webpage: www.weather.gov/hgx/ ?fbclid=IwAR0on3pL_F qhBisaHrAhLhcuhK572M JxXMgDUV42gQqPD
• National Weather Service: www.weather.gov/fore castpoints
• Centerpoint Outage Tracker: gis.centerpointenerg y.com/outagetracker
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Jnainani Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 1 week, 2 days ago   Feb 18 2021, 11:29am 
Thanks for this update!
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BlackBird Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 1 week, 2 days ago   Feb 18 2021, 2:01pm 
We just turned the the water main for the house on, did what we could to drain the pipes, and turned it off again. I'd hate to think we came thru all of this and then let it freeze tonight!
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