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Sugar Land Area Events This Weekend

Sugar Land Area Events This Weekend

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 1 week, 4 days ago    
Sugar Land Area Events This Weekend
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Sugar Land Area Events This Weekend
Take a look at our list of the top 11 events going on around the Sugar Land area this weekend.
* Texas Hold 'Em Nights Now at Scotty's
Win prizes and cash each game, every week!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8855&eve nt_date_id=3802
* National Burger Week (Wed - Fri): $5.00 Off Burgers
Come out to Scotty's for some yummy burgers!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8853&eve nt_date_id=3802
* Dancing Under The Stars with Fred Astaire- Country!
Come dance to the night away at Sugar Land Town Square!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8606&eve nt_date_id=3771
* Free Fitness Fridays: HIIT Workout with F45 Sugar Land
Come try out a HITT Workout for FREE at Town Square!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8747&eve nt_date_id=3771
* Free Fitness Fridays: Zumba
Get in a fun workout- for free!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8605&eve nt_date_id=3712
* Free Fitness Fridays: Boot Camp
Get in a workout- for free!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8604&eve nt_date_id=3710
* Walk Like MADD 5K
The attorneys at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury and Accident Lawyers are proud to be partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as the presenting sponsors for their annual Walk Like MADD 5K fundraising event for the Harris County and Montgomery County areas.
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8804&eve nt_date_id=3791
* Saturdays at Scotty's Saloon w/Live music at 8pm
Come out to Scotty's on Saturdays for delicious food, yummy drinks, and fun music!
**September 24: Steel Country LIVE**
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8704&eve nt_date_id=3790
* Pickleball Tournament at City Park
Come play the newest fitness craze- Pickleball!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8827&eve nt_date_id=3794
* Sugar Land Fall Fest
Get outside and mingle in Town Square!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8709&eve nt_date_id=3744
* Sunday Funday Brunch with Live Music
Bring the family to Scotty's for food, drinks, and games!
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/event_details.p hp?event_id=8631&eve nt_date_id=3741
Want more?
Keep up to date on events going on throughout the week by visiting the SugarLand.com Events Calendar.
www.sugarland.com/ev ents/
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liater Active Indicator LED Icon 7
~ 1 week, 3 days ago    
@TownHubAdmin : Scotty shows the $5 off is only Wednesday & Thursday but the words said Wednesday to Friday
Hope they get it straightened.....They are a good long time sponsor!
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Misha Active Indicator LED Icon 6
~ 1 week, 3 days ago    
I can never make it to the fitness camp as I work. Hopefully some day I will ✌️
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